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The Future of

Safety Education

First Aid VR Training

Master critical first aid skills from concussion to fractures.

Active Shooter Prevention & Response

Respond calmly and efficiently in the case of an active shooter intrusion.


Our Exclusive Content

Assessment and Skill Evaluation

The platform assesses faculty members' skills as they engage with the courses, allowing for effective evaluation of their performance and progress.

Unlimited Course Access

Faculty members have unrestricted access to the VR courses, enabling them to experience and learn from the content at their own pace.

VR Headset Distribution

Nivra provides VR headsets to every school in the district, ensuring easy access for faculty.

How It Works

Equipping schools with VR headsets, unlimited course access, and skill assessments to enhance faculty learning and teacher's readiness.

Benefits Of Immersive Learning 

Immersive simulations enhances learning in an unprecedented manner. It will revolutionize the world of professional development training and education. Take a look at the numerous benefits.

Immersive learning eliminates all outside distractions and static. Learners are immersed in a virtual world.

Removes Distractions

Experts suggest immersive learning because it promotes increased focus.

Total Focus

This learner-centric model allows learners to learn at their own pace.

Personalized Learning

Knowledge retention climbs as high as 90% through immersive learning.

Greater Learning Retention

Designed by field experts for school faculty

Created to enhance reflexive responses to emergencies, savings lives and making your school a safer place.

Support. We’re here for you.

Everything you need, from headsets and hardware management to ongoing training and support were here for you.

Valor training programs focus on threat prevention best practices proven to save lives

How does Valor help save lives?

Virtual Reality (VR) technology provides the opportunity to engage in practical training in an environment where learners can learn skills faster, retain more knowledge and increase productivity.

What is VR Technology?

One of the many benefits of Valor is unlimited access to on-demand training. Practice makes permanent.

How often can staff train?

Yes, some courses are geared toward students specifically.  We recommend this technology for users aged 12 and above.

Can students also participate in Valor training?

While the active shooter is our first offering, a complete training portfolio addressing the most critical areas of need will be offered

Is Valor only for active shooter training?


The Answers You Need

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The Team

Naftali Charter

Former IDF Special Forces Commander. Naftali has been using VR technology for immersive training for over a decade and now aims to leverage this technology to save lives. 

Michael A. Yorio

National School Safety & Security leader. Michael's efforts have led to legislative advancement at various levels of government. He served as contributing author on the
School Safety Technologies study by the National Institute of Justice & Johns Hopkins University APL and co-authored the accredited STOP The Threat advanced active shooter training program. The former defense executive has appeared as a guest contributor on several media outlets.

Michele Cooley-Strickland PhD

Award-winning licensed psychologist and researcher at UCLA & Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Michele's deep expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy brings immense value to the Valor curricula to ensure students become their best selves. 

Aaron Wolko

Successful founder with operational expertise in building and scaling impactful products. Aaron has consulted for World Leaders and Federal Congressmen, influencing the allocation of capital towards companies that positively affect the world. 

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